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We are thrilled to announce the inaugural release of our limited-edition collection, Corrections.

With the launch of Corrections, we are using the power of fine art to amplify the need for change in our prison system. The labels on these three wines have been created by artist Chris Burnett to highlight the humanity and resilience of incarcerated Americans.

100 million Americans have a family member who has been or is incarcerated, and we know that the system disproportionately impacts poor communities and people of color. The dual meaning of Corrections is intentional. Synonymous with prisons, the name calls for an unflinching look at a system plagued by inequity and discrimination but also offers a glimmer of hope. Although the obstacles facing reform are systemic, we believe in progress and the necessity of righting wrongs.

Proceeds of this project will go to Rubicon Programs. This not-for-profit organization provides essential services for communities living in poverty and disproportionately impacted by the ills of the U.S. justice system. Experience this limited collection of wines, which includes:
-1 bottle of 2021 Malbec 'Finding Flowers' - Oakville Napa Valley
-1 bottle of 2021 Viognier 'New Hope' - Oak Knoll District Napa Valley
-1 bottle of 2021 Tempranillo 'The Other Side' - Sonoma County

Behind the Design
Artist and designer Chris Burnett (B. 1991, Los Angeles, CA) has worked with publications like the NY Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian to address social issues through art. His work, featured on our limited-edition labels, asks us to look past the stereotypes that often define prisoners - ‘criminal’, ‘addict’, ‘abuser’ - and to reckon with their humanity. The incarcerated are people with hopes and fears, dreams for the future, and a story to tell - just like all of us.

The Art of our Labels
In Burnett’s work, humanity emerges from within a chaotic system. The rips and tears capture a righteous anger and passion for change, but motifs like flowers and forward gazes act as metaphors for growth, progress, and freedom.

Finding Flowers, 2022 MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE
This work asks the viewer to reflect on the resilience of humanity wherever it is found. Incarcerated individuals deserve dignity, and this work invites the viewer to honor the humanity in every person’s story, regardless of their past.

Even amidst isolation, uncertainty, and pain, change is possible, hope is powerful, and progress is coming. This work inspires us to imagine a better future, one in which meaningful reform is made to our prison system.

The Other Side, 2022 MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE
Hands reaching toward each other represent the irrepressible human desire to extend empathy to those in need. This work challenges the viewer to bridge the divide and recognize their own responsibility to call out and correct injustice.

ABV 15.5%

Wine Details:
2021 Viognier - Oak Knoll District Napa Valley
100% Viognier fermented in stainless steel and aged in neutral oak for ten months to elicit honeysuckle, lychee, and stone fruit tasting notes.
2021 Malbec - Oakville Napa Valley
100% Malbec aged for ten months in new and neutral oak barrels to evoke a soft entry on the palate, long tannins, and tasting notes of mineral, purple fruit, and leather.
2021 Tempranillo - Sonoma County
A blend of Tempranillo, Malbec, and Syrah racked off heavy solids into a mixture of new and neutral oak for earthy tasting notes with hints of crushed herbs, currants, and florals.