While many may recognize our esteemed name and provocative wine labels, fewer are acquainted with the origin. Our iconic Red Blend label features an etching by the 19th-century Spanish artist and social activist, Francisco de Goya. The artwork is titled "Le Petit Prisonnier" and is part of his series "The Disasters of War". It was created to visually protest the cruelty and captivity that took place during the Spanish War of Independence in 1808. The prisoner in the artwork represents the inhumanity of incarceration, a belief that is etched into our identity. 

Unfortunately, the United States has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, with nearly two million people in state and federal prisons, local jails, immigration detention centers, and other carceral facilities. This is due to numerous unjust practices and policies that disproportionately affect Brown and Black people and people living in poverty.


In 2022, we introduced Corrections, an annual limited-edition wine series that was inspired by our flagship label and the power of art. This series is designed to explore how wine labels can be used as a canvas for advocacy. By combining art and wine, Corrections seeks to shift perceptions and narratives, spark important conversations about ending mass incarceration and the urgent need for reform, and ultimately create a demand for change.

Each year, we collaborate with renowned artists and ask them to contribute valuable perspectives on mass incarceration and its profound impact through commissioned or original artwork. This artwork graces the label of a limited production vintage, and a portion of the proceeds go to an organization that supports individuals who are formerly incarcerated or currently navigating the complexities of the prison system.

The name Corrections has a dual meaning. It is associated with prisons and calls for an unflinching examination of a system that is plagued by inequality and discrimination. It also represents the hope that we can make progress and right the wrongs of the past. Although the obstacles to reform are systemic, we believe that change is possible.


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The second release of Corrections is a Napa Valley Reserve Red Wine designed in partnership with Jesse Krimes, Philadelphia based artist and curator whose work has been exhibited at MoMA PS1, Palais de Tokyo, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, among others. Proceeds of this program will go to Krimes’ foundation, The Center for Art and Advocacy, which empowers artists impacted by the criminal legal system and aims to reshape the narrative around criminal justice. The wine label features a detail of one of his most famous works Apokaluptein:16389067 which was conceived while incarcerated and showcases how media shapes societal power and control.

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Corrections x The Prisoner


The inaugural release of Corrections in 2022 consisted of three limited wines: 2021 Malbec ‘Finding Flowers’, 2021 Viognier ‘New Hope’, and 2021 Tempranillo ‘The Other Side’. Proceeds of this collection went to Rubicon Programs, a not-for-profit organization aimed to provide essentials to communities impacted by the ills of the U.S. justice system. The stunning labels are designed by Chris Burnett, artist and designer who addresses social issues through his work. In these labels, Burnett encourages looking beyond stereotypes that often define prisoners and instead highlights their humanity. The incarcerated are people with hopes and fears, dreams for the future, and a story to tell – just like all of us.  

2023 Dieline Award Winner 
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Limited Edition - Silver 

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