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Syrah and Viognier were harvested on the same day from the same vineyard. All of the fruit was gently destemmed together into the same stainless steel tank. Fermentation and maceration lasted 14 days, then the must was pressed to remove the wine from solids. Wine was then transferred to French oak barrels, 35% new, for maturation. This only took about 10 months. Syrah is full of color, and viognier has a crazy density of aromas in addition to tannin that binds with the color of Syrah to make a beautifully dense and stable color. This wine will age for 10-15 years as well, but is designed to drink now. 

Pump Blueberries

Citrus Flower
Orange Zest
Baking Spices

ABV 15%

Vintage 2022

Varietal Syrah

Appellation Napa Valley

Syrah, Viognier

Food Pairing:
Chef Brett recommends pairing Winemakers Syrah with Beef Bourguignon