We are Unshackled

We are bringing a new and fresh perspective to the luxury wine category. Creating wines that are approachable, bright and fresh. From our packaging to how we are showing up in the world, we bring bold and fresh offerings that are ready to be enjoyed. 

Unshackled Winemaking Team

At Unshackled, ourwinemakers have the freedom to source throughout all of California to ensure they are finding the bestgrapes, from the best regions, to create the best wines. You can always count on our wines being approachable, fruitforward, and ready to enjoy. 

Unshackled's New Look

We are changing our packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. The switch to lighter glass bottles and the elimination of foil capsules reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible packaging practices, without compromising the quality of our wines. We are also adding some flare, with updated labels to continue to differentiate each varietal within our vast portfolio. These new packaging changes are kicking off with our Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon and will transition to the rest of our portfolio over the next year!


No, the quality of our wine remains unchanged with the new packaging. We continue to blend non-traditional varietals from different regions in California to create unique wine expressions. 

No, the removal of foil capsules does not affect our wine's quality or taste. Removing the foil capsule was done to eliminate unnecessary waste. The wine inside the bottle remains the same.

With the transition to lighter glass bottles for our Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, we are significantly reducing our glass weight, potentially saving approximately 311 tons of glass annually. This reduction in glass translates to a considerable reduction in our carbon footprint.

Yes, we will be transitioning all wines into our new packaging, encompassing of the new bottle mold, removal of capsules and addition of color to distinguish our varietals.