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Delicate but lively, elegant, zesty & bright–Blindfold wines are a stunning example of whites with depth. Double up on our all-season white wines and save 10%.

-1 750ml bottle of Blindfold Blanc de Noir
-1 750ml bottle of Blindfold Sauvignon Blanc

Blindfold Blanc de Noir
Still, white-pressed pinot noir with notes of fresh, in-season citrus, white flower, white peach, a hint of tart cranberry. Delicate but lively, elegant, zesty & bright. This wine is made from mostly pinot noir with small amounts of Viognier and Gewurztraminer.

Blindfold Sauvignon Blanc
Like walking into a floral conservatory in full bloom of white citrus and jasmine. Full of locally farmed ripe honeydew melon, white nectarine, warmed pink grapefruit, and Meyer lemon aromas and flavors. This wine begins with a dense, sweet, ripe fruit and has great weight and body influenced by the portion of the blend that was fermented in a barrel.

ABV 14.5%