2018 NO. 39007 CHENIN BLANC


№ 39007 is anonymous, part of a sequence, yet still, without them, the system would crumble. The same holds true for the varietal lots in our Chenin Blanc - each quietly in its place, an integral part of the whole. For № 39007, we combined Chenin Blanc from Mendocino's Norgard Vineyard, located on the Talmage Bench just east of the Russian River, with a touch of Viognier from Rodgers Vineyard in Napa Valley's Oak Knoll region.

The silhouette of a person looking at a wine glass.

Chenin Blanc

The silhouette of a person sniffing a wine glass.

Ripe Peach

The silhouette of a person drinking from a wine glass.

Floral Notes
Golden Delicious Apple

Food Pairing:
Chef Brett recommends pairing No. 39007 with Smoked Salmon with Crè;am Fraîche or a Garden Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette.